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History Of Monarch Bearing Co.

During World War 2, “Rosie the Riveter” represented the 6 million women who entered the workforce to replace the men who were overseas in combat situations. Many of these women worked in manufacturing plants that produced munitions and industrial materials. This increased industrialization was a significant factor that finally led to the end of WWII. Virginia McKnight was one of these millions of patriotic women who worked hard and sacrificed much during the war. Virginia, along with Emil Bruno, established Monarch Bearing Co. on July 14, 1945. This was two months after Germany surrendered and one month before Japan surrendered. Emil had 32 years of experience designing, developing, constructing and operating precision regrinding machines. Because of the commercial shortages of industrial equipment caused by the war, there was a strong demand for quality precision reground bearings. Monarch Bearing’s primary focus during these early years of the business was to provide the customer with a one-stop source for bearings. Our motto was “If we can’t get that bearing for you, we’ll make it.” As the years progressed and the world shifted towards a technologically advanced global economy, Monarch Bearing Co. works hard to maintain a large enough inventory to provide bearings and other industrial parts for almost any situation. Monarch Bearing Co. is still family owned and operated and take pride in our excellent customer service, extensive inventory and a continuing focus on one primary goal, “If we don’t have that bearing on our shelf, we’ll find it for you.”